Owning a home is a foundation of the American Dream.

And from the late 1940’s thru the early 2000’s, it was simple ... you saved up a down payment, obtained a mortgage loan from a local lender or bank, and then moved in and lived happily ever after. And historically, the value of the home kept up with (or outpaced) inflation and was a significant source of the development of net worth for the American family.

Times have changed and so has the way buyers think about their homes.  Owning a home is no longer a decision that is entered into casually as buyers have a myriad of options on how they live (owning vs. renting), where they live, the type of home that they buy, the way they finance their home and literally countless features that they may want included in their home to reflect their personal style.

This “Dream Home Cash” website, along with the accompanying programs which make up the “Dream Home Challenge” has been developed to with one goal in mind ... to provide home buyers, home sellers, real estate professionals and lenders with a new set of tools to help them navigate this new marketplace ... come check it out... You will surely surely be Amazed!!

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